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Since 1996, Brad Ilse has been dreaming up and building motorcycles. He has won numerous awards at bike shows, including 1st place at the 17th annual Topeka City Cycle Show, 1st place at the 10th and 11th annual Hot Harley Nights Bike Shows, 1st place at the Donnie Smith Invitational Bike Shows from 2005-2008, 1st place at the Donnie Smith Rochester Invitational Bike Show, 2nd place for pro class at the 2010 Donnie Smith Invitational, and 2nd place in the 2010 Penthouse Bike Show in Sturgis, South Dakota.  Brad’s bikes have been featured in magazines such as Hot Bike, Easy Rider, American Bagger, Hot Bike Baggers, V-Twin Motorcycles and American Iron.  In 2008, a fire completely destroyed the  Outlaw Customs shop, taking with it Brad’s wife’s award-winning bike, several customers’ bikes, and all of Brad’s computer files.  Brad and his staff have clawed their way out of this wreckage, and still receive custom motorcycle orders from across the country, including Texas, Chicago, Florida, and California, as well as across the world, including Guam, Portugal, Japan and China.  We feel that Outlaw Customs has what it takes to compete on a global level.


Outlaw Customs


Hand built gas tanks
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