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Services We Can Also Offer You

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CNC Mill & Lathe Work


Outlaw Customs is your #1 source for custom CNC Milling and CNC Turning We have extensive experience with many different types of material including castings, aluminum, plastic, steel alloys, and many more. We also have the capabilities to provide a wide variety of operations State-of-the-art equipment and advanced manufacturing technology, combined with the highest quality standards and our "Customer First" commitment. From computer-aided design to prototype to full production,Outlaw has the technological knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of machining applications. In addition, our equipment being on site allows us to monitor the entire production process, from the engineering to prototype, production start-up to quality control - ensuring timely delivery, precision, and value.

Sheet Metal Work


Fuel Tanks Crafted from steel our tanks are always completely HandCrafted and totally unique. We can build from a sketch or you can leave the design to us. Either way you will end up with a masterpiece. All of our tanks are pressure and sealed before shipping. Oil Tanks Made from Steel Round? Oval? Horse-Shoe? Hidden? Need a special fittings or a battery box in it? No matter your flavor we can take care of you. Fenders We have built many fenders over the years… High Crown, Low Crown, Long, Short…What ever you need. If you are looking for something completely special or just want a fender with the correct radius for your needs. Done Deal.


Dyno Jet Dynamometer


Outlaw Customs has the top of the line, state of the art, Dyno Jet dynamometer and trained professionals who run the dyno and write maps for your bike. There are differences in each motorcycle, even between the same make and model side by side. Maps downloaded off the internet, or installed in a new piece of performance hardware are designed to get you close for your bikes modifications, but that doesn't take into consideration altitude, ambient temperature, humidity, location, or the differences between each bike. By setting the air/fuel ratio for your specific motorcycle, we can get all your bike has to offer in drivability AND horsepower. You spend a little more up front but the result is a bike that runs at it’s peak for the options you have installed and that your air fuel ratio is a close to optimal as it can be for the selected components you have chosen..


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